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Alpha Builder provides complete construction services throughout the Puget Sound.

Are your old products using more energy than they should?

Are you ready for some new and energy efficient ENERGY STAR® products in your home?

Would you like the temperature in your home to be more consistent and cost less?

Have your outgrown your home, but selling and moving to a larger home does not fit your current situation or finances?

Please join us in becoming a part of a growing trend in energy conservation. Our energy saving projects have spanned the spectrum of installing heat pump hot water heaters to home heating system upgrades throughout the Puget Sound.

Our construction projects include design build additions and remodels ranging from $3,000 bathrooms to $180,000 whole house remodels.

Additionally, we offer Earthquake Retrofitting, presale repairs, design and drafting services, and financing through FTL Finance.

Alpha Builder is a member of The Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

What You Can Expect

from Alpha Builder:

  • Initial Meeting(s): we will listen to you, research and explore your options and work with you to develop a plan that addresses your vision of a better life style.
  • Proposal: we will formalize this plan into a no surprise proposal and upon acceptance of that proposal, provide a contract for building your new life style.
  • Before the construction begins: we will develop construction drawings, when required, apply for permits, help with financing and complete all the paper work for rebates.
  • During construction: we will maintain an open channel of communication with you, guide the process to minimize any inconvenience to you and Shepard the project to completion.
  • After construction: we will fine tune the project, work with you on the operation and maintenance of any equipment or other features of your project, and provide any warranty service you may require.

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