In a Nutshell About Alpha Builder


Alpha Builder’s projects run the full range of commercial, residential, municipal, military and industrial properties throughout the Puget Sound.

Alpha Builder is a certified specialist in the Contractor Alliance Network. CAN is becoming recognized as an industry leader in delivering exceptional customer experience by partnering with Puget Sound Energy. CAN is focused on delivering a whole house approach philosophy which is helping our customer make wise energy efficient buying decisions.

Alpha Builder’s expertise includes new construction, remodeling, energy savings upgrades, Eco-construction techniques, seismic retrofitting, excavation, and demolition services.

Ken Tobias, Alpha Builder president is also well versed in the demands of property management of multiple dwelling units (MDU) maintenance, upgrades and long term energy efficiency projects.

Green building practices holds a special interest and includes working with energy saving products such as high efficiency heat pumps, heat pump hot water heaters, SIPS – structural insulated panels, solar systems, etc. Alpha Builder’s represents quality workmanship and stands behind that quality:

“Their ability to accomplish requested tasks diligently and scrupulously, working with timelines of other contractors, and helping to find solutions made my job so much easier.”

“They were dedicated to the project’s mission of restoration and recycling, putting extra time to ensure materials were reused rather than discarded.”

“…I want to say that the service you and your workers provided was excellent.  You did what you said you would and there was virtually no disruption to our personal lives.  The installation went quickly and my house was left clean…”

“Nice looking fixtures, and very neat workers!  Wow!  A delight to have at the house.”

“…They are ready, willing and able to help you with any size project.”

Please check out the full testimonials on our web site.

License: ALPHABC943LW
WA UBI: 602 619 545
L&I Account ID: 115,091-00

What We Offer

  • New Construction & Remodeling. Alpha Builder offers a full range of commercial, residential and industrial construction experience. Our specialities include weatherization, roof coating, additions, and seismic retrofitting.
  • Green Building Practices. As new products are made available, Alpha Builder works with you to make your home or business as energy efficient as possible.
  • Energy Efficient Systems. From ductless heat pump installation, energy efficient hot water heaters to SIP panels and solar energy, Alpha Builder is involved with every step of the process including incentives, rebates and loans.

Work Team

  • Ken Tobias

    Ken Tobias was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula, in Port Angeles. He started his career as...

    Becky is our official Office Assistant at Alpha Builder Corporation. Originally from Forks, Becky brings a wealth of...
  • Konnie Brand

    Konnie is the Office Manager for Alpha Builder and she helps keep Ken and the crew on track and...
  • Charlie Comstock

    With a background in advertising, marketing and sales, Charlie is one of the many partnerships working directly with Alpha Builder...